Our funded case study proposes a simple toolkit of services and software that can plug into a network drive and create preservation copies of core business documents that require permanent preservation. It is a simple intervention which makes use of open source migration and validation tools, such as those formerly available in the PLANETS testbed and now available through the Open Planets Foundation and SourceForge; or the Digital Preservation Software Platform at the National Archives of Australia.

The case study will seek to demonstrate the viability of this approach. It represents a new approach to using a form of IT (file servers) in which ULCC already has significant knowledge, expertise and investment and combines it with ULCC’s skills and understanding of digital preservation. Our proposal is a low-cost, practical solution that addresses immediate preservation problems, makes use of available open source tools, and requires minimal IT support.

If found to be a viable approach, the results of the case study can feasibly be used by other Institutions facing similar difficulties, and scaled up to apply to the preservation of other and more complex digital objects.